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The advancement of technology has led to the rise of millions of free online games that are very much accessible in the internet. Individuals who desire to download some can engage in their favorite game by just a few types and clicks in the computer. A large collection of games like board games, adventure games, action games, puzzle games and surfing games are just a few of the many available applications. One needs not to worry if he is new in the vast world of online gaming because the instructions and techniques are easy and simple to follow.

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With a diversified selection of games, one can definitely enjoy as much when they play surfing game. These games do not only aim to go through an endless running or surfing escapade, but it also enhances the player?s skills and abilities as he tries to focus and concentrates on how to avoid obstacles and pass through one level to the next. One of the good things that it also develops is eye-coordination, which allows the player to use it not only in playing but at anything he does. Some surfing games also offer daily challenges that increases rewards and a consecutive winning streak might reveal some mystery gifts. There are also missions that give extra credits thus making the player?s score go higher. Furthermore, multipliers are also given and it escalates one?s rate in his score board. Many amusing and surprising features are added by the developers every update. Surfing games are the absolute entertainment one has to install in his phones or computers.

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Probably the craziest racing type game online today, happy wheels is a physics based kind of online game that requires racers to finish the unrealistic tracks without any sort of damages. The racers are created to move like actual bodies to give the game a more realistic scene. The graphics of the game is considered one of the best among online games of today with the addition of its excellent physics.

The challenge of happy wheels is to make sure that the character the player chooses would finish the race. Of course, the player would have to do whatever it takes for their character to finish the race by surpassing unrealistic and difficult tracks. And the fun part of this game, the character a player controls has to survive and reach the finish line since making some mistakes in the game has a very drastic and gruesome consequences. This is probably what makes happywheels as one of the craziest online free games of today, not only because it is addictive, but as well as very challenging in trying to bring the character to the end of the race without losing some limbs.

With such gruesome consequences awaits the character, this will make players do whatever it is to be done to finish the race and would constantly makes players laugh at their characters. The happy wheels game starts by choosing the character that the player wants to use, which are mostly hapless characters that do not have this racing image. Happy wheels makes use of ragdoll physics for its character that also showcases black comedy in racing games.

If the character makes a mistake or falls during the game, the following might be the possible consequences:

Limbs are broken when a character falls from the higher ground

Heads might be separated from the neck especially when the character hits or fall head first

Bloods are spurting when parts of the body is broken

And lastly, the character will die from severe mutilation and damages to the body

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